The  training packages for  hydraulics systematically and informatively explore complex topics and systems, such as work hydraulics, hydrostatic steering and drive systems for the agricultural, forestry and construction vehicle sectors and warehouse and municipal vehicles.

Example Training Packages:

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TP501 – Basic Hydraulics

TP 501, Basic Level is suitable for basic training in hydraulic control technology and imparts knowledge of the basic physical principles of hydraulics, as well as the function and use of hydraulic components.

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TP501+ – Advanced Level Troubleshooting

TP 501+ is an extension to equipment set TP 501. TP 501+ contains components with specified, realistic defects. It enables hydraulic circuits to be constructed with the TP 501 and individual components to be replaced by defective ones.

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TP502 - Advanced Hydraulics

The training package TP 502 builds on the material covered in training package TP 501 – Basic Level, and adds 15 new projects to it.

TP601 - Basic Electrohydrauilcs

TP 601 is a logical further development of electrohydraulics for training and further education. The equipment set contains only electro-hydraulic circuits and control systems.

TP602 – Electrohydraulics

The training package TP 602 builds directly on the material covered in basic principles package TP 601, and adds more in-depth projects to it.

TP801 – Mobile hydraulics

Mobile hydraulics has a range of specific features compared to conventional industrial hydraulics. These are normally taught directly on a vehicle. But what if the components or the vehicle are not accessible or the entire system is too complex for teaching purposes?