Industry 4.0

The Cyber-Physical System is the professional and compact Industry 4.0 learning system from Festo Didactic. It includes all the technologies and components needed for communicating an in-depth knowledge of Industry 4.0.

The modular and flexible design has a range of learning scenarios, from individual pallet transfer systems with integrated controller, right up to a connected production system with cloud services - Such as Siemens MindSphere.

The system uses RFID tracking, and a Management Execution System, to allow full tracking and customisation of every product manufactured. 

The system also offers full simulation capabilities and "Digital Twin" through Festo Didactic, CIROS Simulation software. 

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Example Training Packages:

  Featured Product

CP Lab Standard

Available in 4, 6, 8, & 10 station line-ups.

Expandable and reconfigurable

  Featured Product

CP Lab with Robotino

Expand your CP lineup with multiple islands, and a mobile robot : Festo Robotino

CP Factory

Endless possibility and customisation with the CP Factory Range

MPS203 I4.0

The MPS System 203 Industry 4.0 represents a small production line consisting of a slightly modified Distributing/Conveyor station, a Joining station and a Sorting station. 

The overall system is networked with PROFINET and has been expanded with several RFID write/read heads.