Festo Didactic: LabVolt Series

Festo Didactic: LabVolt Series Training Systems

Festo Didactic further strengthened its leadership position as a worldwide supplier of technical education solutions through the acquisition of the US-Canadian manufacturer, Lab-Volt Systems, in June 2014.

Lab-Volt’s portfolio of products is now part of the global offering of Festo Didactic and is referred to as the “LabVolt Series.”

Example Training Packages:

TP8012-5 - Solar Power (Complete)

Our solar power learning solutions come in modular packages that will fit your training needs starting with the fundamentals of photovoltaic panels and how they work all the way to actual photovoltaic energy production systems operating in stand-alone or grid-tied operation.

TP8012-2 - Wind Power (complete)

Our wind power learning solutions come in a modular way which can also be mixed with other learning solutions. The packages start with an introduction to wind power using real wind turbine parts into a safe working environment along with our dynamometer that recreates realistic wind condition as well as the real power-torque curves. Once the introduction is done, student will experiment energy production to supply power to AC and DC loads.

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Mechanical Trainer

The Mechanical Training System gives an introduction to Mechanical Drive Systems and covers Belt Drives, Chain Drives, and Gear Drives.

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TP8014 - Charging station for electric vehicles

The Electric Vehicle Charging Station of Festo Didactic is designed for hands-on training in the planning, installation, testing, and troubleshooting of a modern charging station. The flexible, modular design enables easy set-up of various charging station configurations, ranging from a simple, single-phase station to more advanced, multi-phase stations that can simultaneously charge two users.

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Nacelle - Wind Turbine learning system

The Nacelle – Wind turbine Training System is a complete, scaled-down version of commercial wind turbine nacelles, making it an excellent substitute for expensive real life equipment. Space efficient and affordable the machine fully interacts with users, thus enhancing the learning experience.

Radar Training System

The Radar Training System provides students with real — not simulated — hands-on experience, combining real-world radar with the power of modern surveillance technology, and using patented technology to detect and track passive targets at very short range in the presence of noise and clutter.