Pneumatics & Electropneumatics

Festo Didactic's training equipment is modular in structure. 

For example, you could start with the basic level of electropneumatics and then move onto the advanced level, or start with the subject of electrohydraulics – the choice is yours. 

You'd like to explore a particular specialised topic? All equipment set components can also be ordered separately, so you can turn your own ideas into reality.

Example Training Packages:

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TP101 – Basic Pneumatics

TP101 provides a basic introduction to pneumatics.

Cylinders, Valves, Buttons, Timers & Flow restrictors, allow simple circuits to be taught with ease.

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TP101+ – Advanced Level Troubleshooting

TP 101+  is an extension to equipment set TP 101. TP 101+ contains components with specified, realistic defects. It enables pneumatic circuits to be constructed with the TP 101 and individual components to be replaced by defective ones. 

TP102 – Advanced Pneumatics

TP102 provides an advanced introduction to pneumatics.

Develop the training aims from TP 101 and consolidate your knowledge with more components.

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TP201 – Basic Electro-pneumatics

TP201 provides a basic introduction to electro-pneumatics.

Relays, Lights, Sensors and Solenoid DCV's allow for more complex circuits to be taught with ease.

TP202 – Advanced Electro-pneumatics

TP202 provides a more advanced approach to electro-pneumatics.

E-Stops, Additional Sensors, Counters and Timers - provide nearly limitless options for teaching advanced electro-pneumatics.

TP230 - Vacuum Technology

TP230  - Teach advanced vacuum technology with our TP230 set.

TP260.v2 – Digitalization in pneumatics

Digitalization is transforming the working environment of many traditional industrial professions and trades. The expectations being placed on students and apprentices are changing as a result.