We offer a range of robots to suit all your needs.


A linux-based omni-directional mobile robot 

Standalone, MPS or CP Range Compatible 

MPS Assembly station 

Mitsubishi Robot programming with a simple assembly process

Compatible with MPS Range

CP Factory Robot Assembly 

MitsubishiRobot programming with a tool changer, Vision system, and complex assembly process

Compatible with CP Range

Example Training Packages:

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CP Lab with Robotino

Expand your CP lineup with multiple islands, and a mobile robot : Festo Robotino

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Robotino 4

Robotino is a mobile robotics platform for research and education.

Equipped with an omnidirectional drive and with its sensors, Interfaces and modular extensions Robotino can be used flexibly. The programming of individual applications is possible with various programming environments.

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MPS Robot Station

The MPS Robot station with MPS modules consists of the following:

  • Robot RV-2FB with robot controller
  • Multi-function gripper
  • Robot handling module
  • Robot assembly module